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Descanso Gardens began as the private estate of newspaper editor, E. Manchester Boddy, when he purchased the property in 1937. After Boddy’s retirement in 1953, the land was leased to the Los Angeles County and became a public garden. Today, the garden’s 160 acres continue to serve as an urban retreat of year-round beauty for local and international visitors. Major botanical collections include an internationally renowned camellia collection, lilacs, roses, California natives, and a newly acquired cycad collection. To learn more about Descanso Gardens, visit our website.

Garden Explorer provides you access to information on our collections and some of the garden’s features. Use the links above to SEARCH for plants, browse our MAP, look up plant NAMES, learn about our FEATURES, or view curated garden TOURS.

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Please note that Garden Explorer only displays information on living plants located on grounds; it does not include plants that we may have had in the past or any that are being held in our nursery. If you would like further information on our plants, please send questions to